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Cryptomic has been built using the latest technology including WebSockets, Distributed Caching, SQL Server 2014, Windows Server 2014, IIS 8+, and Fibre Connections. This site makes exhaustive use of new webbrowser technologies and requires a browser that supports this (websockets, cors, javascript, html5). We recomended the latest release of Google Chrome. caniuse.com can help provide additional information on supported browsers or click HERE to run a simple browser check.

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  • ByronP(8/20/2016)

    Pending Closure Notice: Read The Notice Here
  • ByronP(4/20/2016)

    Trade Fees are now 0%, yes FREE, thats right FREE. Have fun trade away, it wont cost you a thing.
  • ByronP(4/10/2016)

    Automate your trades with the CAT Trade Bot HERE

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